Isikulu T. Rodgers


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   “Isikulu is a title given T. Rodgers from the African tradition of the Zulus. It is given to the elder and teacher of the warrior community. He has not rested on his reputation. Those that look can clearly see this. Of course whenever a strong spirit rises, there are going to be those who fear that they will be called out of their comfort zones. Whether friend or foe, truth stands on it’s own merit. He doesn’t claim perfection.just devotion..  Thus the ideal example of one who understands the concept of forgiveness from the ground floor.. I’ve watched his work over the years.. Those of us who has ever served beyond ourselves in this world, cannot help but to  recognize and appreciate the strength and endurance of this man.he’s paid the dues. Gratitude for this teacher”.             – Shihan-Daryl Hayott SR. Harlem Go-Ju ryu.



T. PRAY“Sum X’z YOU, Sum X’z me, ALWAYZ U. 1-2, 1-2, Forgive me…For I have FORGIVEN MY.S.E.L.F. – T. Rodgers, da IZIKHULU,Ph. G

T. Rodgers, Ph. g made the permanent, unique transformation from non-traditional leader (gangs) to Izikhulu. He is a behavioral miracle. He could have been a leader in any field he chose, but he decided to dedicate himself to forgiveness, karma, and ed-u- tainment, within the world. He provides working solutions to stop controllable crime and violence in any community or institution. He has wrote the book from his own life experience working with human crisis. He use’ human proficiency with an alternate (holistic) approach to gangs, grief, crisis, street life and cultural diversity that will help empowered individuals with the necessary tools to become S.E.L.F. (survival education for life and family) sufficient, in the development of new ideas and issuse solving which involve every member in our society, therefore decreasing negative activity in the community and lowering recidivism. Community Crisis management e.i. Street Survival Training and Support, Engagement Crisis survival, Intervention/Prevention. T has been known as a Gangolgist Certified in certified gang intervention and prevention. Gang related crisis intervention/prevention in schools, Armistics Agreement Maintenance, Rrumor control, Street Interaction /Mediation. This includes parenting (for the gang member), Parent Support, Parenting (TRAINING) For Gang involved youth, Abruse; Parent, Child, Relationship Abuse & Controllable Violence. Conflict management with resolution, solutions using Human Proficiency trainging high liting Expression sessions, He is ” the” Facilitator, mentoring children From the child at-risk vs. hard core gang members. We Adopt Kids (The vaillage Surrogate Mothers and Fathers) we have been the laision between community and schools. Preventing school dropouts and Ret-entry to school districts around the nation. Seeking out the Kool-Aid Klass then if and when needed we are there in the Juvenile Diversion Counseling, process. “Home, School, and Prison”. We have help write the book on the Principles of behavior, Operation protocol, Emergency survival program – Fire & paramedics, First Aid, First Responders, Ard & CPR Emergency and/or Frist Aid Kits. T is one of the first nontraditional leaders to break into main street America. For example: T. Has a professional background in Consultant, Manager, Community organizer, Strategizer, Lecturer, Political Strategist – Public Policy Development And has become a public information officer to The Media T is an actor he has done many TV shows. Movies. Radios, magazines and news print. He is .an Consultant/ Producer/ Tech advisor for Film industry has been a commentator for fox news and Font Page, producer, businessman. He is an author of two books: “The 50 most asked questions about gangs and “Liez My Homeboyz told “ON” Me. He has gone where no other non-traditional leader has gone before. He is the founder of a pro -gang program called ‘Sidewalk University’. Networking with agencies and reffeals to other services in metal health; Grief, PTSSD Mr. T. Rodgers is thee IZIKHULU, a Ganglogist, with a Ph.g. We can train Onsite at our school S.E.L.F. “How not to bet a Professional Victim”

As per T. Rodgers,     “A lot of speakers feel obliged and qualified to speak about gangs . Quite frankly, they’re more often than not, simply story tellers. It becomes a stock narrative of woven stories and third party legend. With the advent of social media there’s a wave of armchair and video gangsters that self glorify myth and distortion. We (and yes that means you too), have to understand that the survival of our youth, our  communities, and institutions is dependent on all of us taking collective responsibility and resolve to confront this issue. There’s an urgency here . It effects your community and cannot be glossed over. Just because the youth in your hood may or may not wear the obvious uniform or colors of the stereotypical gang banger, doesn’t make he or she immune from the traps and grip of gang life. Don’t get caught up on the movies and television images. Gangs are equal opportunity in it’s purest form”.  –     Isikulu T.Rodgers


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