trockT.Rodgers, Ph. G

Mr. Rodgers  is an award winning and “Certified Community Gangologist.”    He is the first ever validated   ex-gang leader to  train L.A.P.D Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.).  . He’s  also trained the L.A  Sheriff’s’ O.S.S. (Operation Safe Streets), Oregon State Police, the Portland G.E.T. Team  (Gang Enforcement Team), the Indiana Lafayette Police  as well as other local community peace officers in the Indiana state region. .  He also serves as a court “expert witness”  providing factual testimony in reference to gang behavior and activities.

He is a crisis intervention team leader and was First Youth Director for SAY-YES    (Save Every Youngster Youth Enterprise Society), Inc.     T. was also the National Spokesperson, Executive Vice President and First Team Leader for Jim Brown’s organization Amer-I-Can .

T”s  local community work in the city of  Los Angeles includes, the creation of a fun center at Faithful Central Baptist Church,   in addition to the funding of  Masonic Lodge 218  and finally Hobby Shops for children.  He was instrumental in the creation of  over 200 jobs through   his own SideWalk University at the  Magic Johnson’s Theater in Los angeles.  He organized and was Labor Supervisor for both the Crips and Bloods who eventually became very skilled construction workers.  These gentlemen became actual union members and are still working today.  His construction team built several structures in the L.A.area  including:  Fat Burgers,  Taco Bell,  Albertson’s, Pep Boys and Rite Aid.  Twenty companies hired skilled former gang bangers.

Major cities and state agencies in California, Oregon, Indiana, Arizona and Alaska, London, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Miami, Denver, Arizona, Boston, New Jersey, New York have asked T. to assist them with community problem solving.

He has also used his motivational and life experience skills to train ex-gang members to be forest fire fighters.  He has trained school site personnel at the elementary, middle and senior high school levels, educated parents who were referred to SideWalk Univeristy for student intervention crisis training, trained parents of gang members and trained gang members who are parents.  The first graduation for SideWalk University was held in 1993.

When T. Rodgers speaks, he speaks from his heart directly to the heart of the listeners and you feel his penetrating words.  You get a different view of life.

If your community  has problems with gangs, crime, violence, T. Rodgers has the solutions.