T Rodgers

T Rodgers



T, Rodgers Ph.G is known as a Gangolgist using life skills that will help in the development of new ideas and problem solving T. Rodgers has lived the life that most parents fear for their children, including making the Ten Most Wanted gang leaders list in South Central Los Angeles, and now his mission is to actively promote harmonious and healthy communities that are supported by principles of social justice, knowledge, respect for human rights, and responsibility for oneself, family, and community.  Mr. Rodgers helped build a chapter of one of the most well known gangs in the United States, but for the last thirty years, T. has used his expertise in gangs, street life, teaching techniques and leadership skills to educate parents, for gang intervention, and as a consultant to community organizations, film, and television. T. Was one of the first ex-gang members to facilitated peace between warring gangs, and Mr. Rodgers was one of the first ex-gang leaders to used his experience and knowledge to train Los Angeles police, County sheriff and California prison staff, Indiana, and Oregon state police, and police in the city of Portland, as well as working with inmates in los Angeles, las Vegas, and Oregon. He has also worked the schools in dealing with gang intervention and is the author of three books entitled, The 50 Most Asked Questions About Gangs, and Lies My Homeboys Told Me, and Hang’n, Bang’n and Slang’n.



There are many kinds of gangs; they all have theses things in common:

they bring fear,
death and misery,
destruction of property,
threaten the community,
make you a victim,
drive out local businesses…

 There is no single accepted definition. State and local jurisdictions tend to develop their own definition. However, the following characteristics are frequently consistent; a self-formed association of peers that has a gang name, recognizable symbols, identifiable leadership, a geographic territory, a regular meeting pattern, and collective actions to carry out illegal activities.  Sometimes the orders come from the leaders who are in jail and must be carried out by the youngsters and newly initiated.

The feeling of the member is that “it’s home, it’s my family, it’s were I belong, I’m looked up to, I’m respected, I’m feared, I’m accepted, it’s excitement, I’m known, and most of all I’m loved!”




“The 50 Most Asked Questions About Gangs” ISBN #0974990906

50mostQuestions answered in this enlightening publication include: What is a gang? What kind of kids join gangs? What does a gang do? What do gang members think of the outside world? How can you tell if your child is involved in a gang? And many other questions that have been asked for years…

This book brings an understanding of the causes of gang actions in order that parents, community leaders, teachers, and all interested parties might be better able to identify, communicate, and relate to the younger generations.

“Overall Rodgers’ message is that our youth need love and attention from a positive support system in order to be productive, successful human beings.” – Los Angeles Sentinel, 8/18/2005


“T. Rodgers is one of the few who understands “gang” culture like a mother knows her child.
He has earned his triple O.G. status.”
-Ken Bell

“T. Rodgers knows gang culture from the bottom up! His truth is incontrovertible.”
– Bruce George, Founder of the Bandana Republic: Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam

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-Ras Baraka, Deputy Mayor, Newark, New Jersey.  This is required reading for parents, children, clergy, educators, gang bangers, law enforcers, social workers, and anyone else working with healing social ills.

-Susan A. Phillis, Faculty Director at Pitzer Claremont College.  As a former gang member, T Rodgers has a broad vision of what societal trends are at work in producing gangs, as well as the inner workings of the gangs themselves. His perspective and writing style make the book accessible as well as interesting reading for anyone. His book is a tremendously valuable addition to literature on gangs. His views are political and critical of the larger society. His is one of the most unapologetic and passionate accounts of these issues I have ever read. T. Rodgers’ voice is a cry for equality and peace in an untraditional but immensely powerful way. I greatly respect T Rodgers for sharing the invaluable perspective he has nurtured from a lifetime of dealing with gangs and gang youth.

-Ken Bell, Sr. Trainer/Consultant, L.A.P.D. RET. Excellent, excellent book! What a reward! Very Proud. Your concept was the best part of the book! God has truly gifted you in the area of communications. This book is an outgrowth of that gift.

-Mario de Biji, Netherlands Your book contains valuable ideas and facts for me. Even the matters that were not completely new for me are helpful, because they eliminate possible doubts that I had. It is clear from the book that you know what you are talking about. I agree with you that a person must love him/ herself before he/ she can give love to others.

As a former gang member and leader T Rodgers is an authority on the subject. “The 50 Most Asked Questions About Gangs” identifies the questions and provides realistic, straight forward answers to some of the most vital questions that deal with the who, what, where, when, how, and the why of gang activity and it’s causes.


T Rodgers

T Rodgers

Soon to be released book and DVD: LIES MY HOMEBOYS TOLD ME.


Lies My Homeboys Told Me












The new book and film is filled with true and compelling accounts on the history and beliefs that have affected the gang population since the beginning of the 70’s.In addition, many things are unveiled to provide the banger with a better understanding of the rules and regulations that will confront gang members today. This book is for the thousands who started a gang outside of Los Angeles.The new book ”LIES MY HOMEBOYS TOLD ME” uncovers the truth and myths that come from just plain old lies, rumors, and old wives’ tales the media has espoused regarding the history and timeline of gang activity.Also, you will be able to review first hand accounts directly from gang members as they express what they feel and say.The author, T. Rodgers an ex-gang leader of a south central Los Angeles gang, describes how he uses his past experiences in the organization in leading thousands of gang members out of the violence by bringing an understanding of what the causes are from.