The S.E.L.F. Course

T Rodgers

T Rodgers


Survival Education for Life and Family (S.E.L.F.)


 We target people that society has given up on. We want the people that nobody else wants. We also believe in and work effectively with those whom society disregards. We are willing and capable of working with and enhancing any individual or organization.give_award

 SWU offers a 6 to 8 week course in survival education for life and family (S.E.L.F.).  Tuition for the full course is $500 per person, which includes a booklet, information packets, motivational cards, individual evaluation and a certificate upon completion, which entitles the graduate to a lifetime membership.

 SWU realizes the importance of a program geared to sustaining teamwork along with aftercare, including a lifetime follow-up that is absolutely necessary.

What we do:

 Educate our families, particularly those who have children already attracted to the gangs/streets.

 Support services: counseling for parents, employment, training, conflict resolution, gang peace treaties, dispute mediation to train the disenfranchised in human proficiency and technical assistance.


 Human Proficiency Skills

 Participants can expect to develop greater:

 1)      Self incitement:  addiction, perspective and circumstances

2)      Self purpose:  develop greater self-esteem

3)      Self control:  emotional, expression sessions, temperament

4)      Self-love:  self-relationships, family and an understanding of the role of family

5)      Self-forgiveness

6)      Develop “I WANT TO CHANGE” attitude

7)      Self-esteem:  assume responsible attitudes and experience

8)      Understand the concept of community and rites of passage is a collective responsibility

9)      Develop self answers, determination prowess in problem solving and decision and choice-making that will eliminate many of the difficulties that were encountered in past experience

10)  Develop skills in self-securities and financial stability, thus relieving pressure that has contributed to previous duties.  Develop skills in money management and financial stability.

11)  Develop communication skills to better express thoughts and ideas while acquiring an understanding and respect for the thoughts and ideas of others.

12)  Acquire self occupation to improve chances of long-term gainful employment